Challenger Center


    The mission of the Challenger Learning Center is to pay tribute to the astronauts lost in the 1986 Challenger space shuttle launch by offering STEM education programs for K-12 students. The Chattanooga location initiated a campaign to infuse the Arts into their STEM curriculum, emphasizing creative and exploratory learning. To bring this transformation from STEM to STEAM to life within the Learning Center's premises, a team of designers and I collaborated on the creation of a 30-foot-wide mural located near the front entrance.

Project Brief

    I collaborated with the staff members to determine the elements they wished to include on this educational wall. My contributions to the mural encompass a diverse range of items, including a telescope, a fish, a saxophone, a spacesuit, a microscope, and a Punnett square. How did the designers come to choose these images? Some elements held personal significance to the staff members at the Challenger Learning Center, such as the spacesuit and the saxophone. Others were chosen as representations of subjects that could captivate the interest of young learners, such as a microscope, telescope, or fish. The mural's primary objective is to introduce children to the concept of combining art and STEM disciplines as they explore potential career paths represented on the wall.

    Our overarching goal was to craft an engaging conversation starter and educational tool through the mural. To achieve this, we employed a vibrant color palette, hand-drawn illustrations, and hand-lettered text to create an inviting and dynamic introduction to the integration of the Arts within STEM education. Thank You to the Challenger Center for letting me have this opportunity.

Sunday Jan 28 2024