Senior Thesis

My work was featured in the University of Tennessee's Annual BFA Senior Thesis Show in March 2023. This show commemorates the senior graduating class of UTC art students in completing the BFA program.
Our generation is living through a pivotal decade that will undeniably shape the future of humanity and the fate of life on Earth. The latest IPCC Climate Report stresses to curb carbon emissions promptly, as failure could lead to catastrophic consequences for our planet. While legislative and policy changes play a crucial role, the actions of everyday individuals will ultimately determine our success in mitigating the climate crisis. Notably, the choices made by Americans in the coming decade will wield a significant influence, given our status as the highest consumers, users, and polluters. For far too long, the American consumption model has perpetuated inequality, ill health, and environmental degradation. It is incumbent upon us to break this destructive pattern and construct a sustainable future.

Although grief is an agonizing emotion, it possesses the potential to offer profound lessons about life and personal growth. In my moments of introspection, contemplating my own experience of loss, I have often pondered what it would be like for humanity to collectively grieve for the climate. How might this grief manifest on both a communal and individual level?In response, I created a series of drawings that symbolize the several stages of grief: Denial, Shock, Anger, Pain, Bargaining, Sadness, and Acceptance. Through this artistic exploration, I aim to create a cathartic space for reflection and provide a source of inspiration for collective activism.

Sunday Jan 28 2024